Who We Are

The Isle of Man Arts Council is a sponsored body of the Isle of Man Government's Department of Education and Children. With an entirely voluntary membership, it was established to support local arts amateurs and professionals as well as visiting artists.

We provide vital support and guidance to many individuals and organisations every year, allowing them to share the benefits of the arts with the island's community.

Our objectives are:

• Contribute through the arts to the Island's prosperity.

• Provide a sound and sufficient infrastructure for the arts in the Island.

• Promote Manx cultural identity through the arts.

• Adhere to the good governance principles of the Isle of Man Government.

• To raise the quality of the Island's architecture and built environment.

• Encourage the people of the Island to enjoy the arts, whether through attendance or participation.

A sponsored body of
The Department of Education and Children
Rheynn Ynsee
Isle of Man Government
Reiltys Ellan Vannin
Isle of man Government