Spinnin' Vannin

Spinnin Vannin'

A collective group of flow toy performers and fire dancers.

Spinnin’ Vannin are a group of people who spin things and like to meet up on the Island in parks, beaches, at parties and also do events.

The group  formed to provide a place for spinners to meet online and in real life.

If you'd like to perform with them, learn new skills or show off your existing ones get in touch with them via their Facebook page.

All are welcome to join and they have a Facebook group for members only who perform at gigs. Come and have a practice with them if you want to join for performances and workshops.

We get asked to do various shows over the year. We ask that you come along and get to know us, have some practices and we will invite you to do shows with us once you have had some sessions with us first. Once you have done a show with us; we will invite you to our group.

- Spinnin Vannin


Website  www.facebook.com/spinninvannin
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