David Goddard

Dave Goddard’s work is a joy to behold. It is an oasis in a world of contemporary art where for the most part, genuine artistry has been replaced by anarchy. The examples above, and more to follow show an artist dedicated to detail, where every object is meticulously researched and rightly placed within the scene, and unquestionably the product of a master craftsman. Botanically correct and painstakingly executed, his choice of subjects and their depiction are truly the work of an artist of much integrity, a rare quality today where the most popular ‘artists’ have abandoned excellence, craft and skill. Each of his compositions has been carefully planned as leaves, petals, trees, branches, the placement of rocks and distant fields, skies and clouds reflect a mind that gains immense pleasure from the natural world and wishes to share it with us. Brimming with growth, creeping and twisting plants are shown claiming their place in nature. Nothing is left to chance as each blade of grass, stem, each bloom and leaf is observed and placed exactly as nature intended. The depiction of the bark on the tree trunks, the crests of waves, the seeds displayed on the plants, the seemingly random array of branches, and the ploughed furrows of fields are right, and in so doing make other contemporary artists who have approached similar pastoral vistas pale in insignificance.

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