Patrick Caulfield

Patrick Caulfield studied art at the Royal College of Art in London in the early 1960s. He met other artists there like Peter Blake and David Hockney who were also interested in painting ordinary, everyday things. They were part of a bigger art movement called pop art which celebrated ordinary life – such as television, pop music, advertisements and fast food.

Patrick Caulfield painted everyday objects, like an empty wine glass or a bottle – or lots of pots! He liked making paintings that were very flat and look as if they have been printed rather than painted. This is another way that he playfully confuses us, making us not quite sure of what we are looking at.

Early in his career, he used household paints, the glossy kind that are sometimes used to paint walls or doors. This is why some of his paintings look so flat.

Patrick Caulfield was interested in the work of the surrealist artists. They liked to put everyday objects together to make something playful and disturbing at the same time. This is why some of his images look a little confusing and mysterious.

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