Red Lyon Studios

Red Lyon Studio

Red Lyon is the only venue to track and mix your music in the Isle of Man with a industry standard ProTools HD and Cubase Systems with our preferred resolution of 24Bit/96KHz, the one prefered by all mastering engineers and broadcasters.

The studio has an exceptionally large live room; the only one that can record full bands together and track drums. The control room is packed with a world class array analog outboard and FX centered around a legendary Trident 80B recording console from the late 70's.

It also has a vast array of vintage microphones, keyboards, amplifiers, guitars and drums for the use of studio clients.

Not only do we have the equipment but we have the expertise. Owner Mark Cleator has been recording musicians and bands on the Isle of Man since 1993 with luminaries such as The Gasp, Scarlett Parade, Nish as Rish, Mae Challis, Strengyn, Tom Collister, Ruth Keggin amongst many others passing through the studio doors.

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