Useful Notes for Applicants

Advice and Guidance Photo by Theatre Fest

All applications must be submitted electronically by email. 

If you have any queries about how you should fill out your form contact

Please note Applications will not be accepted after the deadline date and time specified.

• Please note that forms need to be downloaded, edited, saved and sent by email or post.
• Please ensure that you fill out the 2018/2019 form. Applications filled out on the 2017/2018 forms will not be accepted.
• Please ensure that your applications are completed. Failure to complete an application will mean that your application form may not be considered for funding. Please provide as much supporting information as possible.
• The information that you provide may be shared with The Department of Education, Sport and Culture, Culture Vannin and the Manx Lottery Trust. Please ensure that you have ticked the relevant tick box on the application form.
• If you are a musician applying for a grant then you must also submit a three year plan. Please contact Isabella Hawke for more information regarding this.
• Please read and adhere to our Child Protection Policy if you are applying for a community project involving children. Read it here. 

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