Brand Guidelines and Logos

Manx Lit Fest Isle of Man Arts Council Photo by Steve Babb

This page provides you with the brand guidelines and a variety of Arts Council logo formats which successful applicants must include in the promotion of their event, activity or product. For example these can be used on official merchandise. social media, and websites. Failure to include the Arts Council logo may result in your funding being withdrawn and you may not be considered again for funding.


These guidelines demonstrate the approved use of the Isle of Man Arts Council logo, to maintain a high standard of quality and consistency, the guidelines must be adhered to at all times.

Brand Guidelines


The logo has been designed to sit on both light and dark backgrounds with no deterioration in the visibility of the logo.

Primary Logo CMYK Version
Primary Logo CMYK Reversal Version
Primary Logo SPOTCOL Version
Primary Logo SPOTCOL Reversal Version
Primary Logo Black and White Version
Primary Logo Black and White Reversal Version
Primary Logo with Manx Text
Primary Logo with Web Address

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