25 Exhibition begins at The Sayle Gallery

Arts Council Loan Collection 25 Years
Photo by

Peter Blake

In 1993 the Isle of Man Arts Council initiated an innovative project for taking contemporary graphic art into the community.

Within a relatively short space of time the Arts Council has built up a collection of over 400 pieces, which are divided into small groups and lent out to schools, libraries, the prison, public buildings and galleries.

Red Dog by Eileen SchaaerDog in Red by Craigie Aitchison

The project was officially launched in January 1994 with an exhibition at the Manx Museum. The scheme now embraces all schools on the island, acting as a catalyst for informed awareness and understanding of contemporary visual language, for both pupil and tutor.

The concept and curation for the original collection was the brain child of Manx artist David Fletcher. Along with his peers, Fletcher grew the collection until his passing in 2008.

In 2018, the Arts Council celebrates the 25th Anniversary of the collection with a series of exhibitions, workshops and talks.

Damien HirstUntitled by Damien Hirst

The major “25” exhibition sees some of the more recognised names collected by the Council over the past 25 years exhibited for together for the first time, including Picasso, Hockney, Gormley and Hirst. In addition to these, renowned illustrators such as Ralph Steadman and Peter Blake are on display and Manx artists Bryan Kneale RA, Ian Coulson, and collection founder David Fletcher and Eileen Schaer.

Julian OpieImagine You Are Driving by Julian Opie

This exhibition will last until the end of July, when selected pieces will be on rotation at the Villa Marina Gallery until October.

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