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Arts Council Funding
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New year, new arts project?

The first funding deadline for 2018 is the 9th of February!

If you've got a really great idea for a community or individual arts project but lack the funds to get it going then an apply for an Arts Council grant to help you get those gears in motion!

Whether you need support putting on an event, an exhibition, buying specialist equipment, renting a space, paying school fees to do your art or help with anything else that allows you to keep doing what you love then get your application to us by 12noon 9th February. All applications received by this date will be considered for funding at the next Arts Council meeting, 2nd March 2018. If you are successful then it could make all the difference!

Great! What do I do next?

You can find all the relevant infomation about our grants below!

Apply for funding

Document Downloads

Guidance notes

Prefer to chat in person?

No problem! We are happy to help you if you'd like to talk to someone about your project. Phone us on +44 1624 694598 or get in touch by email

If you'd like help filling out your form you can arrange to come in and see us at the address below.

Got your application all filled out? 

Great! Send it to us by post or email.

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