Community Textiles Project to Commemorate Manx Soldiers in World War One

Community Textiles Project to Commemorate Manx Soldiers in WW1
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The Arts Council have recently funded a community textiles project to commemorate the end of the First World War.

The project calls for people to help make 2,152 poppies and aims to use these donated poppies to create a Manx Flag in honour of the sacrifices made by local people during World War One.

Official records show that 8,261 local people enlisted in the armed forces, which was 82.3% of the Isle of Man's male population of military age. Of these, 1,165 gave their lives and 987 were wounded. 2,152 poppies... One for each person fallen or injured.

The projected was founded by Gill Nicholls who has been sharing the project's progress on Facebook via the community group, Isle of Man Remembers... First World War. Hundreds of poppies have been donated to the project so far and can be viewed on this group as well as ideas for patterns and inspiration. The group is a great way to keep up to date with the project and is a source of support and motivation for those taking part. If you'd like to participate in the closed group, simply request to join.

Poppies can be made by anyone of any age with any ability. Each one will be unique like the local people they are commemorating.

In July 2018, the panel filled with these poppies will be displayed in the window of The Henry Bloom Noble Library, Douglas from the 2nd-28th. Poppies need to be received by 20 May 2018.

Get Involved!

Gill welcomes all donated poppies made with the specifications below.

Materials - fabric, ribbon, felt, yarn, knitted, crochet, paper.

Size - no bigger than 8cm or 3 inch in diameter.

Patterns - many patterns, designs and tutorials can be found online or published. Be as creative as you like!

Gill asks that poppies should not resemble the two petal Royal British Legion Remembrance Poppy or Logo as these are copyright.

For more Information, or to discuss how to donate your poppies call or email Gill Nicholls.

Tel: (01624) 830332 Email:

For more on how the Island is commemorating the centenary of the end of the First World War read our article about an upcoming Manx production, For the Fallen

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