Exciting Film Adaptation 'In The Fall' Calls for Funding

In The Fall
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A Canadian-British filmmaker has teamed up with a Scottish Director to launch a crowdfunding appeal to complete a unique film adaptation of renowned Canadian author Alistair Macleod's In The Fall.

In The Fall covers the trials of one poor family as it wrestles with the decision to sell their raging pit-horse. The story is told from a young boy's perspective as he struggles to comprehend the loyal animal being sold off to the knacker's yard.

Though the original story is set in Nova Scotia, RUPERT CLAGUE, 27, and TOM GENTLE, 28, believe the story is universal and easily adapted to the Scottish Highlands during the 1920s.

Making the film is set to be a formidable task - in addition to battling the elements in the Scottish Hebrides in January, the pair are keen to shoot the film as one continuous shot, akin to Sebastian Schipper's Victoria (2015).

The pair have a script in place and excitingly have acquired the rights from the MacLeod family estate. Conversations have begun in earnest regarding high profile casting, cinematography, and production design. The pair recently returned from the Scottish Highlands where they traversed the howling wind and rain location scouting.

Rupert and Tom are both long time fans of Alistair MacLeod's work, which speaks for itself. His literature often comes closer to poetry than to prose, and is inimitably beautiful. "There is the influence of Hemingway and Lawrence, and resonances with Ondaatje. Despite numerous attempts, there are no notable screen adaptations of his work. In The Fall is undistilled Macleod - his subject and style in its purest form. In it we see his recurring motifs: our connection to the land and sea; ageing and mortality; morality and ethics undermined by reality."

Rupert remarks,

"We are currently just shy of a third of the way through to crowdfunding the campaign. It's been an incredibly exciting, albeit exhausting journey so far."

"We've realised our slow but steady progress comes down to getting our message out to anyone that will listen. We had an unexpected boost when the famous British actor and comedian ALAN DAVIES (of QI and Jonathan Creek fame) made a sizeable donation and came aboard as an Associate Producer. A week later, the famous Canadian novelist MARGARET ATWOOD shared our campaign on Twitter, which may have prompted famous Canadian ex-Saturday Night Live Comedian NORM MACDONALD to make a massive financial contribution. You never know who's listening!"

Those wishing to contribute to the film fund for In The Fall can visit: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/in-the-fall-short-film-canada-literature

The Arts Council are often asked to fund the making of films with Manx connections or which are filmed on the Island as a way to develop artistic links including media as part of our Creative Industries initiative.

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