Interviews from the Arts Community: A Year in Review

Arts Council Interviews 2018
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As 2018 is coming to a close and a new year is on the horizon, we took a look back at all the awesome folks that we had the pleasure of interviewing over the past year!

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From our Arts Community

Throughout the year, we interviewed a bunch of awesome folks from the island’s art community!

The list below covers a range of topics from photography, illustration, TV/Film production and more!

We hope that our interviews for 2019 are as insightful and fascinating as they have been this year! We learned what goes on behind the scenes for artists as well as gained a stronger appreciation for the time and dedication put into a project or piece of work! We've rounded up all our interviews for you to see below. With a new year around the corner, we would love to know who would you like hear about in 2019? Let us know!

An insight into the life of an Artist...

2018 Interview Roundup
Clockwise from top left:
Rob Jones: The Life of a Sculptor 

Karolina Pawlowska's Loaghtan Sheep Mural: "I really wanted to give something back straight from my heart." 

Bruno Cavellec on his most recent exhibition, 'Dare The Moon' 

Brook Wassall Part One: Dark Skies & Astrophotography 
Brook Wassall Part Two: Films, Falcons and Photography

On Set with Adam Kempton for 'Brothers of Italy'

David Dawson from King's Court Theatre: "We have great facilities and we want the community to use them." 

Alice Quayle: Inspirations, Ikigai & Infographics 

Working in the Creative Industries with Aísling Ridout from Green Light TV

From our Creative Social Media Gurus

In April 2018 we launched a guest blog series from some of our most creative social media gurus. We asked them to share their most shiny pearls of wisdom for utilising social media as a creative. They most certainly delivered!

If you are a creative on the island looking to share and discuss all the challenges and tips around marketing yourself on social media come and join our community Facebook Group for Artists and Organisations!

Social Media Gurus

Clockwise from top left:

Jeni Grose of Grose Design: "Use your voice to create brand identity."

Kim Gee: ‘How to Not Hate Social Media’ 

Kirsty Lawrence of Mann Social: ‘How To Choose The Best Platform For You’ 

Derek Richardson, DJ: ‘On Being Authentic on Social Media’

Alison Teare of Simply Social: ‘How to build great social media for creatives’ 


Mae Challis
Mae Challis

Mae Challis: The Story So Far...

Hon. Chief Minister, Howard Quayle Part One: "It's the way he put atmosphere into his paintings." 

Hon. Chief Minister, Howard Quayle Part Two: "There wasn’t the appreciation of one of our own."

Jane Hall: The Engine House

From our Students

Over the year we have received updates from our brilliant funded students! Hear what they’ve been up to whilst pursuing their goals in the arts.

Student Interviews

Clockwise from top Left:

Sarah Buss Updates from Bournemouth University Part One: "If you have a real passion and love for what you do it will shine through your work."

Sarah Buss Updates from Bournemouth University Part Two: Beauty and The Beast

Ryan Coates: Updates from a Drama Student

Micha Quayle: "Push yourself out of your comfort zone." 

Lily Ratnavel: My time in Zambia 

Robyn-Mae Lawler: A Million Dreams for Childline 

From Manxies Overseas

A brand new series of interviews with inspiring Manxies pursuing careers in the arts across the water and beyond!

Perry O'Dea

Catching up with Manx Actor, Perry O’Dea 

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