Junior Achievement group set sights at "Making Music Fair"

Junior Achievement group set sights at “Making Music Fair”
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A local Junior Achievement company will soon be launching its new music subscription service which aims to provide a platform for musicians to promote their work and receive a fair cut for their work. The service, named Rhythm, will be launched on March 1st 2016, and will offer a fair 50:50 split of revenue between the artist and the company, which when compared to most major streaming sites is an incredibly fairer deal.

The group plan to subsidise studio time for new artists to record their music and possibly release that work in one of their bimonthly compilation albums. These albums will be released to subscribers along with a magazine containing biographies of the artists featured on the CD. Each bimonthly package will be available to purchase in both digital and hard copy format from the company's website. To ensure the best quality product, the group has created a strict review process of the music will be applied before accepting an artist.

For more information please visit their website linked here.

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