Minister for Education and Children agrees extension of support for Sayle Gallery

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After an amicable meeting between the Minister and Sayle Gallery representatives, the Department of Education and Children can announce that further funding has been granted to the Sayle Gallery via the Arts Council

Education and Children is the sponsoring department of the Arts Council and it is through the Minister's delegation that the Arts Council's budget is allocated. The Sayle Gallery has been granted funding for an additional six months' rent payments and 50% funding for an Artist in Residence for 2016. The previously agreed funding for rent expires at the end of March 2016.

Tim Crookall MLC, Minister for Education and Children, said

'I am happy we have been able to agree a way forward in the short term. The Arts Council never withdrew funding in totality and it is important that we are assured the Sayle Gallery will use this extra period of funding to find a suitable strategy for future funding.'

Geoff Corkish MBE MLC, Chairman of the Arts Council, said:

'I'd like to thank the Minister for his collaboration on this matter. I am hopeful that this further gesture in a long term period of support will help the gallery find a firmer footing for their future sustainability.'

The gallery will remain eligible to apply for Arts Council funding for other areas of its operations.

Agreed Arts Council funding:

Rent payments on the Sayle Gallery premises at the Villa Marina Colonnade from April to September 2016

50% of funding for the Sayle Gallery Artist in Residence

Total: £19,000

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