More performances to be captioned at the Gaiety Theatre in 2016

Captioned Performances
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The next productions to be captioned at the Gaiety Theatre have been announced and they include three of the hottest shows of the year.

The Service Players' Vicar of Dibley, Taylorian's Oliver and the Manx Gilbert and Sullivan Society's South Pacific will all have at least one of their performances captioned with the Vicar of Dibley's being on 24th June and the others to be decided.

Captioned performances aim to provide the opportunity for the deaf, deafened and hard of hearing to enjoy the theatre through the use of TV-like subtitles that not only present speech but also speaker names, sound effects and off-stage noises.

These types of performances were first introduced to the Gaiety Theatre to help develop new audiences and engage former and current theatregoers by providing more interesting and understandable experiences.

A team of qualified volunteers prepare the captions prior to the performance in order to properly mirror the rhythm and flow of the performers. During the performance the captioners cue the captions to an LED caption unit on stage to be delivered to the audience at precisely the right time. The timing of the delivery is paramount as it can affect the quality of the show for those relying on the captions.

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