No King But God tells eye-opening perspective of life on the margins

No King But God by Michael Manning
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Michael Manning's No King But God tells a compelling perspective of the world we live in and the effects it has on those who live on the margins, from the homeless living on the streets to those suffering from mental illness.

Manning draws upon his experience as a coordinator with Manx homeless charity Graih and unmasks the five idols of faith, freedom, the state, wealth and the individual to invite us to envision what life could look like where there is no King but God.

This passionately told page-turner compels us to question the culture of our society and encourages us to seek out change to provide more justice for all of society particularly most vulnerable. Pervaded with scripture and hope, this invitation into true humanity is an inspiring and eye-opening read perfect for those who wish to adopt a new, more thoughtful way of living.

The book can be purchased online here. For more information please contact Michael at

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