Wind Orchestra calls on islanders to share their sunshine!

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Because of the coronavirus pandemic, it looks like it’s going to be some time before the members of the Isle of Man Wind Orchestra (IOMWO) can come together as a group to play again.

As a result, starting from Friday 5th June, the IOMWO are sending out an all-island invitation to use email or social media to share anything and everything which will bring our whole island sunshine and help everyone feel connected to our community once more.

The theme for the celebration is “Bring Us Sunshine”, inspired by the community music organisation “Making Music” selecting the popular song “Bring Me Sunshine” as their theme for Make Music Day (June 21) this year.

Some ways in which people could join in the fun:

●       Record yourself singing the song “Bring Me Sunshine”, on your own or collaborating with a group remotely, and share with us via social media or email

●       Share a video of you or your group playing your version of “Bring Me Sunshine” on your musical instrument

●       Fill glasses with water, tune them, and send us a video of you playing “Bring Me Sunshine” on them!! Why not add some pots and pans percussion?

●       Any of the above, but with the sunny, cheerful, uplifting or summer-themed music of your choice!

●       Make some art inspired by “Bring Me Sunshine” and send us a pic!

●       Show us your sunny sewing project, cross-stitch, crochet or knit!

●       Bake your favourite summer-themed cake and send us a photo, video or recipe!

●       Send us a photo of your bursting-with-summer garden, flower box, veg patch or window-ledge herbs! Tell us what you love about it!

●       Send us a video of you reading your fun, sunshine or summer-inspired poetry!

●       Show us your moves! Create a Bring Me Sunshine TikTok and share it with us!!

Tag the IOMWO, use the hashtag #bringussunshine or message your contribution to them and they will share your sunshine with their members and social media followers. The IOMWO can be found on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram by searching “IOMWO” or emailed at

The celebration will culminate on Tynwald Day, the 5th July.

The IOMWO will share contributions on their social media channels or on their website unless requested not to. If someone lets us share their contribution and later changes their mind, the IOMWO will remove the content as soon as they can. They urge everyone to make sure that they have permission from all participants in their photos and videos to share the content. 

Isle of Man Wind Orchestra

The Isle of Man Wind Orchestra is a community band which accepts any woodwind, brass, and percussion players without audition. All are welcome. This inclusive policy presents special challenges for the musical director and players but results in an inspiring and encouraging atmosphere from which all players get a huge amount of satisfaction. In non-pandemic times, they rehearse at Marown Primary School, Glen Vine, from 19:45 to 21:30 during term time.

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Make Music Day

A global celebration of music with the goal of bringing music outdoors into the community for free which falls on June 21 each year. For more information:

Making Music

A charitable organisation which provides resources and support to amateur musical groups. More information:

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