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As we are spending more and more time indoors, we're sharing a series of articles about creativity in isolation to demonstrate how important the arts are to maintaining good mental wellbeing. We spoke to Eve Adams, the creative talent behind Balley Cashtel Beg and the Painted Thimble. Also a member of The Creative Network, Eve is passionate about bringing the creative arts and community together.

Q. Tell us who you are and what you’re offering

I'm local artist & illustrator Eve Adams. I'm sharing lots of craft activities for children and adults too, through my Facebook page Balley Cashtal Beg. So far I've shared colouring in sheets, and some 'how-to' craft videos, including Hand-print Hug Bunnies, and articulated paper Basking Sharks! 

Throughout May, as I'll be really missing the IOM Art Festival, I'm hoping to run some adult focused 3D workshops, through my website,, and through my artist Facebook page, Eve Adams - Paint & Thimble.

Q. Why is it important that you are offering this service/product?

Balley Cashtal Beg is a project with the community at its heart, usually, throughout school holidays I would be offering free family craft sessions at Castletown Town Hall. As we're all staying safely at home at the moment, I didn't want people to miss out on the popular sessions, so I changed my methodology to bring fun & accessible activities directly into people's homes, at a time when lots of people are looking for inspiration and fun activities to keep them busy.

I'll really miss the IOM Art Festival which sadly, but understandably, can't take place at the moment. This year we had planned to really expand the festival, away from the usual early May bank holiday weekend format. We had various exhibitions, activities and workshops taking place throughout the whole month of May for the first time.  I'd like to try and help fill the gap of the festival's absence with some online workshops and other online content. Myself and other Creative Network members are looking at other ways to give the Art Festival an interesting virtual presence for 2020, so keep an eye on the Creative Network Facebook page to see what we come up with!

Q. What role do the arts play during a time like this?

I've always believed that having creative outlets is vital to the health & well-being of individuals & communities and I love how art and creativity can bring people together. During this unprecedented time, where we find ourselves unable to come together, we can, and need to, connect in other ways. I think engaging in individual projects, seeing what other people have created, and sharing our results & experiments, is a fabulous way to connect with others. I'm finding myself being unexpectedly inspired in all kinds of new and different ways, and the online creative community is helping to fuel that process.

Q. What are doing to keep yourself sane during self-isolation?

Although I love a good party, I'm a homebody at heart. I love my own company, and spending my time quietly so although I miss friends and family, and there are, of course, struggles associated with self-isolation, I'm perhaps luckier than more outgoing folk! I've found myself seeking new creative outlets; I've painted my window for passers by as part of the #rainbowtrail movement, and, after finding a set of oil paints, I've been enjoying a dabble with this media, something I've never tried before. It's been fun connecting with friends and family in new ways too, Charades is making a bit of a comeback in our house at the moment, it works really well over video chat!

Q. What is your one tip to help people stay motivated to engage with creative activities at the moment?

I've struggled with motivation myself recently. Despite being very fortunate to be safe and happy, these are still strange, challenging, and unprecedented times. It's important to be kind to yourself, and to not expect too much! Of course it's great to try lots of things out, even if you don't get round to finishing them (that's my usual modus operandi!), but during this period, I've really found that having a simple project to start, work thorough, and finish, has given me a sense of achievement, and has set me up to complete other things, whether that's finishing a painting, or doing my hoovering! Thinking of simple crafts to share, making the how-to videos for my page, and seeing people's results has been a brilliant focus for me personally.


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