Creative Isolation with Jason Evans

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Above: Jason performing with the London Symphony Orchestra in 2015 in Sydney Opera House

As we are spending more and more time indoors, we're sharing a series of articles about creativity in isolation to demonstrate how important the arts are to maintaining good mental wellbeing. We spoke to Jason Evans. As well as being one of our Art Ambassadors from the Island of Culture in 2014, Jason is a highly accomplished musician playing Principle Trumpet in the prestigious Philharmonica. 

Q. Tell us who you are and what you’re offering

My name is Jason Evans, I am Principal Trumpet of the Philharmonia, a professor of Trumpet at the Royal College of Music, and am Associate Professor of Music at the Royal Academy of Music. I am offering online lessons and consultations with anyone who would like one!

Q. Why is it important that you are offering this service/product?

I think it’s key to maintain focus for our students, and to still allow music to flourish at this difficult time. Learning music has been proven to help people in many ways - both physically and mentally - so enabling more people to have access to this is key to a thriving community.

The Philharmonia trumpet section for the Japan tour in January 2020.
Left to Right: Jason Evans, Bob Farley, Christian Barraclough, Mark Calder, Robin Totterdell

Q. What role do the arts play during a time like this?

The Arts play a vital role at times like this. They help us to experience and connect with the world and they bring people closer together. Engaging in different projects or being inspired to try something new is exactly what creating art is about! There are loads of projects that have now been forced to go digital, meaning that so much more content is available online and therefore accessible to pretty much everyone!

Q. What are doing to keep yourself sane during self-isolation?

I am maintaining my teaching at the Royal College, and being as involved as I can with the students there! I am also trying to be creative with a few of my own projects: some of these are performance based and others have been learning resources for my students. I’ve been trying to keep fit by doing yoga, running and cycling - and our garden is starting to look a bit better than it used to! But mostly I am just trying to focus my energies into the things I’ve always wanted to do, but haven’t had the time! 

Q. What is your one tip to help people stay motivated to engage with creative activities at the moment?

Keep a schedule, and give yourself targets! It’s amazing to see how the days are flying by, while I’m giving myself tasks and challenges each day!

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Photo credit: Marina Vidor - Philharmonia

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Jason performing with the London Symphony Orchestra in Bucharest a few years ago

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