Tips for Filming Your HIWTAI Videos

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We are asking creatives to make a short video to inspire the Manx public through the arts for our 'Home is Where the Art is' project. £100 will be given to every successful entry and will be showcased on our social media every day of May!

If you're a tech wizard with all the gizmos and a fancy camera then you don't need us to teach you how to suck photography eggs. We expect that most folks will be using their trusty smartphones to do the job so we've broken down a few helpful tips to help you get the most out of your 'Home is Where the Art is' video entries.

Consider giving an introduction

Your audience will benefit and engage so much more with your video if you provide an introduction to what we will all be about to see. Audiences will connect more with you and the content if you take the time for them to get to know you a little and the reason behind why you are sharing your art. 

Shoot in landscape if you can

Though we will accept both portrait and landscape video entries, we would really prefer to have them in landscape view (as with the image shown here). Think of it this way, how would you like to view a video? With those black sides on the left and right? Thought not. Put yourself in your audience's shoes and think about how much better it'll look if you turn the camera horizontally.

An example of shooting a video in landscape if you are using your phone.

Use a Tripod

Again, keeping your audience in mind here, no one likes a shakey video. Be a smart cookie and use a tripod. Got some masking tape? Hey presto! You can pretty much strap that baby to just about anything that is going to keep your phone stable. Or, perhaps you could repurpose that old selfie stick your uncle gave you a few Christmasses ago? Or, maybe have a go at making your own? We've linked a video tutorial here on how to make a tripod out of a used paper towel roll.

You could think a little outside the box and repurpose some hair clips or some bulldog clips for your tripod.

Natural Lighting is Your Friend

If you are able to decide what time you can record your video then do it during the day with natural light. It's better viewing (again for that pesky but all important audience!) and means that your videos will look super sharp and slick without needing fancy pants studio lighting.

Or maybe you want to shoot the video outside? So long as the sunlight isn't blinding then let those natural rays assist you in your quest to be the next Steven Spielberg.

Soundtracks: Be Wary About Copyright Infringement

If you're using a backing track to your video then you need to be mindful about copyright infringement. Social media sites like Facebook and YouTube can detect things like this and may block or restrict the content because of it. Don't get caught out and consider using copyright free or original music.

Send your video to us as an MP4. file

This is really key as we are unable to process other file types as well as MP4. If your file isn't in an MP4. format you can convert this yourself before sending it to us. 

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