#FundingProTips - Supporting Documents

#FundingProTip: Supporting Documents
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What do we mean by 'Supporting Documents'?

We all know that filling out forms can be a drag but unfortunately necessary if you want to get the help you need for your project to fly off the ground.

When it comes to supporting documents you may be feeling a little unsure of what that entails. We like to think of it as the chance to really let your personality shine and show us the ways in which you believe your project would be a brilliant asset to the arts community on the island.

We've put together a quick guide of what you should include with your application and what ways you can make it stronger.


Pictures (Optional)

Who doesn’t love a good visual aid? If you’ve got pictures of your previous work or drafts of your future vision then absolutely get those included in the application. Don't be afraid to include as much as you think will help let the Council know how awesome your project is going to be.


Testimonials (Optional)

You might also have some really lovely testimonials from people who have attended your workshops, performances, seen your artwork or whatever it may be that you can include.


References (Required)

A.K.A: Letters of Support. We ask all our applicants to provide two references to recommend support for your project. They don’t need to be from your current employer if your day job has nothing to do with the project. Who they do need to be from are people who are familiar with you and your work and whose expertise in relation to the art form is one to be trusted.


CV/Portfolio (Required)

As well as the Letters of Support, we ask you to provide a CV to accompany the form. We prefer to think of this as more of a portfolio of your work and/or experiences in relation to your project.

The important thing to bear in mind with this one is that we’re not asking for a full school report of all the jobs and qualifications you’ve ever done since your GCSEs. We just want to know a little more about you in relation to the application. Feel free to include a short bio of you and your organisation, any work experience or qualifications you have achieved within your field of art. You should include anything and everything you believe to be relevant to the project you’ve applied for. If it’s an art degree then great! If it’s voluntary work you’ve done in the community, also great!

If you are applying for help with a community project then you can use this as an opportunity to talk about the work you have done so far in relation to the initiative. If you are the organiser and you are involving other artists in the project then use it as an opportunity to talk about their work and how it will benefit the project.

If you'd like to chat to us about any aspect of the Funding Process then you can contact us on 01624 694598 or iomartscouncil@gov.im

Good Luck!

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