Catching up with Micha Quayle, Dance Student

Micha Quayle
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Micha is a 20 year old who has just completed her second year studying at Studio 10 Dance and Drama centre in Liverpool where she is a full time student.
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The college covers a wide variety of subjects including multiple genres of dance, drama, singing, musical theatre and dance teacher training as well as fitness classes. Micha enjoys all elements of her training as it pushes her to improve daily and trains Monday to Friday each day for 7-8 hours in various dance styles. 

I enjoy working towards exams and show cases but I also love free classes as you can build and grow in styles that you’ve never really been exposed to before.

This has been particularly true when Micha took a free class in the Commercial stye. 

I had never been taught this style before going to college and so it was very alien to me but these free classes help you to build your confidence and generally make you a more well-rounded dancer. I’m very grateful to be taught by teachers who have a lot of personal experience in the industry as well as being highly qualified.

Micha Quayle

When we asked about what inspired Micha to get into performing arts it became apparent very quickly that dancing has been a part of her life from a young age having danced with the Christine Wild Theatre School since the age of 4 and enjoying it ever since.

I couldn’t be more grateful for the training and experiences I had from the theatre school before coming to college. From a young age I was disciplined, I took examinations and participated in show work...

I used to play football too but there came a time when I had to choose between the two hobbies and for various reasons it wasn’t too much of a hard choice, I chose Dance.

It wasn’t until her final year of GCSE’s when Micha picked her options for A-levels that she decided that she wanted to attend a full time dance college. Micha began auditioning in October of her final year at school and was granted an offer at Studio 10.

As I was only 16 at the time I felt moving away from home might be too much so I went on to do my A-levels.

In the running up to auditioning Christine took a lot of time out of her schedule to help me prepare for it with getting my solo piece sorted and building my stamina up… Studio 10 was in fact my first choice so when I got in I was over the moon and joined in September 2016.

Micha Quayle, Peter PanMicha has recently taken part in Peter Pan locally with the Christine Wild Theatre School.

Due to being with Christine Wild’s Theatre School for many years, there were many skills that Micha felt had helped her to prepare for her course at the college.

Whilst there, I also was taught by Rachel Wild who taught me Jazz, Musical Theatre and one to one singing lessons. To start with I was a very unconfident singer, I would be embarrassed to sing alone or even with a group to start off with. Attending musical theatre and having to sing in front of people on my own really built up my confidence even if I do still struggle with that even now. One to one singing lessons really helped me focus on what suited my voice and building my range and stamina. During this time Rachel helped me prepare a song ready for auditions regardless of it not being on the criteria and I’m very lucky she did as I was asked to sing a song I’d prepared on the day. I was given many opportunities to sing at charity events and show cases through the school, which built on my confidence too.

Further to her college studies, Micha has been involved with many things that have contributed to her personal development as a performer. 

This year started off with Studio 10 being asked by Liverpool One to do the Christmas light switch on for the second year running, It was an amazing experience and definitely something to put on my dancer’s CV. I think this particular experience has proved I can be a versatile performer as we were elves and we had to interact with the public. We had to remain in character for numerous hours before and after the actual light switch on.

Micha Quayle, dance student

Micha also recently auditioned to be involved with the musical theatre side of a show which included both singing and dancing parts.

I was lucky enough to be casted and given a mic for the showcase. This will develop me as a performer as I’ll still have to do my normal lessons but also have to use my time management well in order to make sure the show work is the same standard as my everyday subjects. 

It has been really great to see how far these positive experiences have shaped Micha since leaving the Island for College. We wish her all the luck for the future!

I think these experiences have made me more competitive as you have to earn your place. It’s given me the mind-set that you’ll only get out what you put in. I’d also say that I’m more appreciative of the fact that I am doing what I love and that’s everything because a lot of people don’t get to do that. I think that gradually I’m becoming more confident in a lot of my subjects although I think I’ve still got a lot of work to do on that front. Lastly I’d say I am a lot more independent I know why I’m here and I know what I want to achieve while I’m here too.

Micha Quayle   Quickfire Q&A 

Q. What is your proudest moment to date in performing arts? 

A. It would probably be getting into college as I was always doubting the fact that I’d get in, regardless of my teachers telling me or my mum. It was like a dream.  

Q. What do you hope to do after college?

A. I would really love to perform, I haven’t made a definite choice of what I’d like to do exactly at this stage but I am thinking more towards the musical theatre route. After performing I would then like to teach.

Q. What advice would you have for anyone looking to go to a performing arts school? 

A. I’d definitely say to get to as many classes as you can and of any genre because even if it’s not your style you can learn so much from them. If you are able to, take part in singing and musical theatre as both can help you performance wise and in dance. Also, put yourself out of your comfort zone because that’s how so many people get better. 

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