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It’s no secret that an online presence is an imperative part of building your brand. Social media provides you with the ability to interact direct with your customers ..and likewise, they can interact with you. It’s a great tool for people to leave reviews, share your work, ask questions or even just stop by to give you a big thumbs up! It is such a convenient way for you to connect with the world. Mobile web users are rapidly growing, surpassing desktop browsing which means you can literally place yourself in the palm of the viewers hand.

Ensure your tone of voice reflects you. To put it in to perspective, there are over 50 million businesses on Facebook alone - but none of them are you. Be authentic and relevant to the kind of message you’re trying to share, it shouldn’t be too hard since we’re a creative bunch!

Consistency is King!

Don’t go all out on social media for a whole week, posting every day and then disappear into the ether for the next fortnight. Choose your platforms wisely remembering to keep the underlying message consistent throughout, but adjust the message depending on where you’re posting as different demographics use different platforms. For example, Instagram and Twitter enables to you be relatively playful, whilst Linkedin is considered to be more corporate and business focussed. Ensure your content is consistent, but appropriately delivered.

No one likes to talk to automated robots online, so don’t impersonate one. Keep it real by being human, people want to be able to relate to you and know there is someone real behind the posts. Reply to your audience, be present, comment on other people’s posts and don’t be afraid to have fun!

Grose Design is a local Graphic Design company run by Jennifer Wood. Jennifer works with all shapes and sizes of businesses, specialising in brand identity and concept design. Take a look at her website for local branding projects and articles.

Find out more about Jennifer in her latest Q&A article.

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