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Alison Teare gives social media tips to creatives
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For creatives, social media is a dream platform. There are so many mediums to take advantage of: people respond to beautiful images – think photography for artists, video for musicians and dancers ­– and can really relate to audio such as podcasts for storytelling, discussions and poetry.

As a creative you will see opportunities in social media that others can’t. You’ll be able to find creative ways to take advantage of the tools that sit within the platforms. For instance, Instagram stories has a number of features including time-lapse, hands-free stop motion, slow motion, video and live video, ideal for content creators with a creative mindset to produce captivating content.

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Q. What advice would you give to artists looking to improve how they manage their social media platforms?

You can use social media management tools like HootSuite to manage different platforms. However, remember that each platform is different and attracts a different audience, therefore you need to speak to the audiences in different ways and in different tones of voice. For example, don’t be tempted to share the same post on Facebook and on Instagram – although Instagram is owned by Facebook, the audiences are completely different and respond in different ways. My advice would be to learn how to use one platform really well before moving to another.

Q. Are there any other social media platforms that creatives should be using? 

I would always advise you keep your eye out for the next up-and-coming platform. It is best to jump in at the beginning because those who get on board first are the ones that will get most traction moving forward. At the moment, the newest platform is called 0BERO – it’s a little bit glitchy so only time will tell if it has a place in the market.

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Q. What are the key elements of building a digital marketing platform for your small business?

It’s crucially important to remember that all social media is rented ground: we do not own any of the space or the audience that comes with it, therefore if you build a business based on social media platforms such as Facebook you are at the mercy of their rules and algorithm changes. An example of this would be the algorithm changes made in January 2018 that saw a huge reduction in reach for Facebook pages.

I would still recommend investing in your own website as soon as possible – your website and your email list will always belong to you and should become the cornerstone of your digital marketing.

Q. What’s your number one tip that an artist should be doing on social media that they may not realise?

People love to see how things are made and this especially applies to creatives. Show your processes, your ideas, your inspiration; tell the story behind your work and utilise all the new methods available to you on your platforms, such as video, live stream, 360 photographs and stories. You’ll be amazed how people are interested in the evolution of your work rather than just seeing the finished product.

Social media tips for creatives


·         Keep up to date with what is current on social media so that you don’t get caught out with new rules on the platforms

·         Think of your audience as a community – engage them in your work and encourage them to join in conversations

·         Share your whole creative process – your inspiration and the development of your work, including some of your personality and a glimpse of your lifestyle

·         Learn to advertise properly – don’t rely on the boost that comes after a post. Targeted advertising should be done in the ads manager so you can avoid spamming people who aren’t interested in seeing your adverts. Ultimately this will cost you less in advertising spend 



·         Use social media as a general broadcast – your audience want to be part of a community and part of a conversation so give them the personal touch

·         Use engagement bait in your posts – this means don’t ask for likes, shares, comments or for people to tag others. Anything that baits people into responding to your post in order for you to get more reach is picked up by algorithms and your page will be demoted. This means your reach will be reduced and your page will not be seen by your audience

Finally, be yourself, be creative and have fun. Don’t let social media become a chore, enjoy yourself!

Alison Teare has owned her own businesses since the age of 21. Alison is a marketer and social media expert, who trains and advises small businesses, entrepreneurs, organisations and global businesses to guide their social media strategy. Alison speaks at events and delivers training on the Isle of Man and across the UK.

Alison describes herself as a creative and knows that social media can be challenging but it is also the most powerful tool that with leverage to share work and build an audience.

Alison’s Facebook Group is there to answer questions and provide answers about how individuals can market their own business.

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