So What Was The Funny Thing About Depression?

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At the South Douglas Old Friends Association on the 24th and 25th July, Lorcan explored his relationship with depression on stage, poking at the strange quirks and experiences that have come along at the deepest points in his life.

Delivered in a cabaret style, the show was very well attended with over 200 people over both performances at the venue. 

Isle Listen were in attendance at both performances to provide sign posting for people who want to talk to someone about the issues raised around mental health.

John Young (Left) and Lorcan O'Mahony (Right)

John and Lorcan will be looking at developing the production in the hope that it has a further life at some point during the future. 

"Lorcan and I were blown away by the positive response the production received. What Lorcan did as part of the show was very brave and I'm really proud of the production.

It was amazing after the production how many people spoke to us or sent us messages telling us how good it was to see work about this subject and thanking Lorcan for his bravery in telling his story.

Lots of people spoke about the need for more people to see the show in a hope that they can understand the subject in more detail. Our plan is to bring the production back at some point for another run and potentially look at taking it further afield."

- Director, John Young

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