Covid-19 Resilience Funding

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Isle of Man Arts Council make £50,000 available in Covid-19 Resilience Funding

To ensure organisations and individuals who contribute to the island’s rich creative arts community are assisted during the Covid-19 crisis, the Isle of Man Arts Council have set aside a £50,000 emergency resilience fund.

This funding will be made available on merit to anyone working or taking part in the creative industries, culture and arts communities on the Isle of Man and should be related to the Isle of Man Arts Council and Culture Vannin National Development Strategy for Culture and the Arts 2017-2027.   The support will also provide a creative legacy from the Covid-19 crisis.

IOMAC members, Laura Rowles and Jade Boylan both understand the difficulties being experienced within the creative community and the need for support.

Vice Chairman Laura said: “As the owner of a creative education business on the Island our income has taken a severe hit, and I know there are many other creative businesses out there who are in the same position as us. However, we have remained determined to be positive, and find new ways of working within the constraints of lockdown. Whilst the IOMAC Resilience Fund will hopefully provide financial support and relief, I hope that it will also encourage those in the creative industries to look at how they can adapt and reach new audiences. Hopefully this will create stronger businesses moving forward.”

Jade Boylan further commented: “As a member of the Arts Council and as the owner of a small on island creative business that is currently struggling due to the Covid-19 situation, I understand first-hand the importance of supporting our local artists and creatives right now. The arts have never been more vital for our mental health and general wellbeing both as a nation and as a community, giving us all something positive and uplifting to focus on every day. This Resilience Fund is to help support some of our local creative entrepreneurs and businesses that may be struggling during these unprecedented times, and hopefully give them the boost they need to carry on creating.”  

Applications for the funding are open to any individual or organisation in order to complete one of the following:

·        Venues or Organisations who have needed to adapt their services in order to continue operations either during or after lockdown. The aim on these projects will be to create new public channels to the arts and support business resilience for the organisations. Applicants will have to prove they meet strategy point SIX and ONE other strategy point.

·        Freelance Creatives undertaking personal projects using their professional skills. Applicants will have to prove they meet strategy point SIX and ONE other strategy point.

·        Projects intended for the island’s community during national lockdown. Applicants will have to prove they meet strategy point FOUR and ONE other strategy point.

Applications are open from Friday 15th May through to Sunday 31st May and can be submitted via the grant form on the Isle of Man Arts Council website:

In this time of uncertainty and the requirement for immediate funding, the IOMAC will consider retrospective funding if the applicant can provide proof their project was started since national lockdown began.

Applications for future projects and events unrelated to the Covid-19 situation should be submitted from 1 June for the next funding round which will be held on 10th July.  Applications for this round will close on 26th June.  Applications for the IOMAC student awards can still be submitted using the student application form.

For any other information, or if you feel you may qualify and are not included in the above list, please contact the Arts Team at

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