Dark Horse Festival 2019

Dark Horse Festival 2019
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July 2019 welcomes The Dark Horse Festival into its 4th year at the magical location of Silly Moos Campsite in Ramsey, with fingers firmly crossed for clement weather to enhance the magical feeling the event already captures.

With year on year success, yet whilst remaining a manageable and intimate festival of 1000 attendees, DH Festival showcases local,  international music and arts side by side. As the 1st year had the humble beginnings of a rather large 40th birthday, the following year doubled in size and opened itself up a local event organisers to host their own stages : Mother T’s, The Mill Stage, Sound Check, The Hive, Corkwing Collective and the Bass Bus.

So with 5 independent music stages plus Dark Horse’s Mothership in the field and the infamous Barn Stage (for the headlining acts) there is plenty to see over the 3 days. And it doesn’t end there…arts and crafts, The Hive with all the wellbeing activities, stall holders of many varieties (plenty of eco-glitter), theatrical entertainers and an abundance of diverse food stalls means the weekend really is a family friendly getaway.

Partnering with the Arts Council the DH team are very keen to encourage local artists to participate and showcase their talents and in previous years we have had Sculptures by Gavin carter, paintings and workshops with Art Reach studios and last year the Invisible Circus (the Ring Master hailing from Ramsey) wowed the audience with breath taking, and at times scary, performances. This year the weekend will showcase local artists Erin Dimelow and her Synthetic Sublime Perceptual Chamber, The Art Reach Studios and now Bristol based Mike Bell and his Cardboard Arcade...all of which will make for the most unique and wonderful experiences.

This year is the 1st time Biosphere have granted the festival recognition for their environmental efforts, with a multiple use cup at the bar available, as opposed to the single use plastic cups normally used at outdoor events. Simply purchase for a nominal fee, bring it back have it cleaned and returned to you to refill, therefore hopefully seriously reducing the amount of waste normally created.

This years stages are:

The Dark Horse Main Stage 

The Mothership

The Dazzling Mojito Bar

The Bass Bus

The Mill Stage

Sound Check

Sound Records

The Corkwing Collective

Other festival areas which are a must see are Henna Iom, Glitter Shark, Flamingo Clothing, Crystal Visions and Braids by Sara, the food court. See them all here.

and much much more!!

visit darkhorsemusic.im for more info.

Images: Jana Story (RIP)

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