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Creativity at the Hub
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Exhibition Time at The Hub

Thanks to the generous support of Isle of Man Arts Council, art and creative writing sessions have been running at The Hub in Port Erin for the last three years, resulting in a fantastically diverse range of visual and written works. From 26 October, an exhibition of some of this work will be on show at The Hub.

Kindly supported by Culture Vannin, the exhibition has been curated by Hub community artist Angela Patchett and creative writing facilitator Janet Lees. The ground floor of the The Hub will be transformed into an exhibition space, with art and written works adorning the walls of the main foyer and corridors. The exhibition will run up until Christmas, and is a must-see for people in the southern communities and beyond.

Angela Patchett says, "In the open creativity sessions, the emphasis is very much on sharing ideas and having a joke or two. People come along to enjoy the company of others as they experiment with different art materials and learn new skills or develop old ones. Laughter is often heard as we share life's experiences and set the world to rights while getting creative. The sessions have helped people to find a little creative space amongst friends. It's a privilege to be able to work with this lovely group of people."

"The people who come to the writing sessions are from all walks of life," says Janet Lees. "We've had people in their twenties alongside people in their eighties, many of whom had done little or no writing before. As well as being a very buzzy hive of creativity, each session is a great bonding experience. People naturally connect with each other when they are creating together. There's an ever-growing body of evidence that shows how powerful the arts are in supporting, and even transforming, our overall wellbeing, and this is certainly happening at The Hub. It is a real joy to be part of."

Gill Stephens, who lives in Port Erin, has been coming to the writing sessions since late 2014, surprised herself. "Creative writing? Couldn't possibly, I thought, but I went. There I met a group of lovely friendly people and before I knew it I was finding poetry a great way to express deep thoughts and emotions. At the age of 76, I found new and enjoyable skills – a new lease of life."

Janet Bridle, Hub Co-ordinator, adds, "Without fail I hear a lot of sharing and laughter – and sometimes tears too – as people express themselves and connect with other in the writing and art sessions. Participants can't say enough how much they enjoy the sessions and how they've been able to achieve things they never would have dreamed possible. Our vision for The Hub is to bring people together, encouraging friendship, building on a strong sense of community and fostering intergenerational understanding and respect. Creativity at The Hub is certainly achieving these aims."

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29 September 2017. For more information please contact Janet Bridle on 838180 or admin@hubclubsci.im.

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