For The Fallen: Radio Play

For The Fallen Radio Play
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After a successful run earlier this year For the Fallen has been revised and produced for a special broadcast on Manx Radio on remembrance Sunday at 2pm.

Earlier this year Director John Young worked with a diverse bunch of actors from 15 - 70 years old to tell the story of a Manx solider and his family in World War One.

Although the play wasn't biographical, creator John Young took lots of the ideas from real stories sent from the frontline by Manx soliders during The First World War. However, For the fallen has a special focus on what happened at home here on the Island during this time. Socially and politically there were many, many challenges and it was a tough time for many families which was what John chose to focus on.

The actors that worked with John had a great deal of input into the show and through workshops and rehearsals the work created in these made it in to the final draft which was a really special experience.

John was thrilled when the decision was made to turn this into a radio play. It was a challenge as the play was written for the stage and had to be edited to ensure it worked on the radio. There was then the challenge of getting the original cast back together to record the play, which they managed to do apart from one actor which John was very pleased about.

I think the play has translated really well to radio actually, the play jumps about a bit from world war one to modern day, however I think the story is still clear and audiences will be able to follow the narrative.

This was a lovely addition to what had already been a special experience for the cast. Not only did they get to perform in a new play which they had an input in with a complete professional team staged in the round. They then got the opportunity to revisit it for the radio which meant exploring a completely different style of performance. However, they are a really special group of people who, as always, completely rose to the challenge and were fantastic. 

I'm really glad that For the Fallen is going to get another outing and will be experienced by more people. Having recorded it now it will also be able to be used as an educational resource and archived formally. 

- John Young, Director

At Manx Radio it’s fantastic to be working so closely with the Arts Council to produce and broadcast original radio drama which is home grown. Not only will the radio play itself really move people and take them back in time from the very first word but it’s made even more special by the fact that the play is based upon real experiences of Manx families during the war and written, performed and produced on island aswell. It really is an appointment to listen.

- Alex Brindley, Head of Programming at Manx Radio

For the Fallen will be airing on Manx Radio at 2pm on Remembrance Sunday, 11th November. 

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