QEII Students Spread Awareness Through Dance for Charity Challenge

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Students Use Dance to Raise Awareness of Ugandan Charity

A group of five A level students (Megan Johns, Hannah Smith, Maia Parry, Charlotte Bale, and Elisabeth Cannell) from Queen Elizabeth II High School are taking part in the final of this year's One World Charity Challenge.

Their task is to spread awareness of their chosen charity through the means of advocacy. The group chose to represent Kids Club Kampala using dance as the work the Charity does to help bring children away from violence in the slums is done primarily through education and the arts.

The team ask the public to show support by watching and sharing their video to help spread awareness of the work Kids club Kampala achieves in Uganda.

As Kids Club Kampala have a music and dance program, the team were inspired to raise awareness through the arts. As some members of the group were already experienced in dance, one member, Hannah, choreographed a Ugandan inspired piece and the team have performed it to portray the goals of the charity and promote the work done by Kids Club Kampala for children living in poverty. 

Within the charity's music and dance program, a children’s choir was formed. Having recently released an album called My Heart, including 9 tracks in a mix of languages all sung by the children involved in the project, the album is available on their website with all the proceeds going to Kids club Kampala

Another group member, Megan, edited a selection of songs from the charity’s CD to accompany the dance and edited the final promotional video together with all the contact information needed. The video is being used to advertise the CD as well as spread awareness of the charity.

The group will perform their dance at the 2019 Charity Challenge Final on the 27th March at the Youth Arts Centre

One World Charity Challenge

The Challenge sets out to give Year 12 students a greater understanding of the developing world through researching the work of a charity working overseas.  Students working in teams are challenged to choose a charity working overseas, which is either Manx registered or a small UK based charity. Students then research the work of the charity and interview representatives from the charity.  They must put together a 10 – 12 minute multi-media presentation which examines the effectiveness of their charity, shows cultural understanding and looks at the impact the charity has had on someone’s life.

Kids Club Kampala

In Kampala, Uganda, people face problems of overcrowding, poor sanitation, insufficient shelter and food insecurity on a daily basis. The aim of Kids Club Kampala is to empower children and their families living in slum communities in Uganda. They work to bring hope, love and safety to vulnerable children living in extreme poverty, allowing them access to education and other necessities we would take for granted such as a nutritious meal every day. They work to bring about sustainable changes through various development projects which involve transforming the poor communities of Kampala.

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