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Swing Dance Workshop November
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Swing In The Isle will be hosting a second Swing Workshop Weekend on 17+18 November 2018 here in the Isle of Man.

They are very proud to present guest teachers Matthew Lane and Nancy Hitzig!

There will be workshops for Beginners (Sat 10am - 4.30pm) and Improvers (Sun 10am - 4.30pm), teaching both Lindy Hop and Charleston, followed by a FREE party on Sunday evening to try out your new moves!

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Swing Dancing Image: Swing Patrol

FREE "Take a Look at Swing" Session

Wednesday 14th November 2018 - 7pm

Swing In The Isle is holding a special, pre-workshop, FREE "taster" session at the Manx Legion in Douglas. Just turn up and bring your dancing feet!!

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Nancy and Matthew Swing DancingSwing Dance teachers, Nancy Hitzig and Matthew Lane will be taking the workshop in November. Image: Cheeky Rastall Photography

What is Swing?

Swing Dance is a generic name for a collection of dance styles first created in the 1920's and adapted over the years to align with dance music styles such as Jazz, Blues, Rock & Roll and Pop. Much of its appeal comes from its simplicity and informality making it an easy dance to get into whilst providing plenty for the expert.

The great thing about Swing is its ability to embrace IMPROVISATION. Just like the Jazz/Blues music which is its foundation, although based around some standard steps and moves, dancers put these together in ways that suit them and the music being played. The result is a joyous dance - that looks pretty stylish too!

Our Teachers

Meet the people teaching Swing Dance in the Isle of Man

The heart of any dance group is its teachers. It's not enough to be a great dancer to teach, you have to like people and have endless patience, empathy and enthusiasm.  Our aim is to provide a combination of local and international teachers who can give our dancers confidence and enjoyment.

Nancy HitzigNancy Hitzig
Originally from Toronto Canada, Nancy has won numerous international titles in Lindy Hop and is a sought-after teacher and performer.
Image by Fredrik Lindbom

Matthew LaneMatthew Lane
A Dancer and Teacher of several years, he has taught classes, workshops and festivals across the UK and Ireland. Image: Cheeky Rastall Photography

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