Island of Culture Legacy

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In 2013 the Isle of Man Arts Council along with the Department of Community, Culture and Leisure announced that in 2014 the Isle of Man would be celebrated as Island of Culture. Island of Culture celebrated the island's large and varied culture and hoped to share this culture with the whole community.

There were a number of projects and events that were supported by Island of Culture during 2014 including the "Image a Day" project, which involved Oscar nominated illustrator Juan Moore producing an image a day for a whole year. The year also included the I Love Culture show which showcased the finest talent the Isle of Man has to offer, from Manx dancers to world-renowned blues musician, Davy Knowles.

During the initial planning of Island of Culture it was agreed that measures be put in place to ensure a legacy would exist following the year so that the arts would flourish and continue to be celebrated for years to come.

One example of the legacy that Island of Culture has provided is TheatreFest, a five year project that promotes and supports new theatrical work from professional, amateur and community groups. It provides opportunities for local talent to work with some of the best names in the theatre industry whilst giving writers and composers from all over the world a chance to get new work off the ground.

The Island of Culture Bursary Fund is another part of the legacy of Island of Culture 2014. The bursary fund was set up to reward excellence in the arts by financially supporting young artists with their studies. By supporting young talent the Arts Council hopes to further them in their careers in the arts whilst simultaneously improving the island's international reputation as a supporter of the arts.

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