Arts and the Environment

Image by Catharine Devine

As a UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man partner, we are committed to cherishing and preserving the island's beautiful natural landscapes, celebrating the island as a special place to live and work.

Art has always had a voice. Communicating in a non-traditional way can often shed fresh light on contentious issues and equally has the power to reach a wider audience. I feel often its biggest advantage is offering a different perspective. When you take an everyday item out of context and present it to the world in a new way (or even in its original form) you’re shedding light on that item and asking your viewer to look again and consider its value.

-Excerpt from an interview with Colette Gambell on 'Raising Awareness Through Art'

How the Arts and Biosphere Isle of Man work together

The Isle of Man is a special place for people and for nature. We’re proud to have been awarded UNESCO status as a UNESCO world biosphere.

In a nutshell, UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man is all about keeping our Island a special place to live, work and visit. It is the first entire Nation in the world to receive this prestigious endorsement from UNESCO.

Hon Geoffrey Boot MHK, Minister for Environment, Food and Agriculture, said:

Our arts and culture are a huge part of what makes us Mann and an important contributor to our economy, environment and community. Through the Partnership scheme, organisations and businesses join with us to celebrate and tell the world about our unique Biosphere status. I welcome the Isle of Man Arts Council as a partner and look forward to working with it to promote our Biosphere through music, drama, art, video, photography, poetry and other art forms practised by our talented people.

As a UNESCO biosphere partner, the Isle of Man Arts Council work to promote the values of UNESCO in the following ways:

Quality of life

Making sure we have the healthiest possible environment to support our wellbeing.


Helping to attract more investment to the Isle of Man.


Raising awareness of our Island and making it an even more special place to visit.

National pride

A global accolade like this fosters pride in everything from our outstanding natural environment to our unique culture and heritage.

Stronger partnerships

Between the voluntary sector, businesses and government, helping everyone to achieve more.

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