Meet the artist: Eve Adams

Eve Adams Photo by Eve Adams

Discover more about the artist behind Myn’changaroo Ferrishyn a.k.a. The Fairy Wallaby...

Designed & painted by local artist & illustrator Eve Adams, the design reflects her Balley Cashtal Beg community project. Balley Cashtal Beg is Manx Gaelic for ‘Little Castletown’, over 70 fairy doors form a hidden trail around the town with at least 7 fairy doors just around the Market Square!

Pick up the map leaflets, beautifully illustrated by Eve, from the Town hall foyer around the corner from the square, or from many of the local businesses around Market square. Download the Wallaby app to find out the secrets of the fairy Wallaby.

Visit Eve's Website to catch up with the Little People’s stories! 

Q+A with Eve Adams

Q. What initially inspired you to apply for this project?

I went along to the launch meeting and was impressed by the scale & reach of the project. I thought it would be a fabulous opportunity for local artists so I decided to apply and see where it took me!

Q. Tell us a bit more about the inspiration behind your wallaby design, how did you settle on that particular idea?

The design is based on my project, Balley Cashtal Beg, which is an illustrated Fairy door experience in Castletown. Part of the project's aims are to get people out and about, exploring the town and using their imaginations. The Wallaby trail is a similar concept, so I really wanted to bring the two together! Balley Cashtal Beg has lots of fans and supporters, in Castletown & beyond, who requested that I submit a deign on behalf of the Little People!

Q. When you found out you’d been selected, how did you feel?

I was delighted, really happy! I will admit that I was more than a little nervous too, especially when I saw the sculpture again and realised it was taller than me! I'm so grateful to The Arts Council for supporting me through this project and for choosing my design!

Q. Which aspect of the project were you most excited about carrying out?

Getting my fresh, clean white Wallaby Sculpture into my own space was just amazing, I spent quite a bit of time just looking at it before I dared make my first mark! I love painting wildlife & little creatures, so I was excited to get round to painting certain elements to see how they looked on the giant wallaby canvas. I also can't wait to see my wallaby in situ of course, and to go round and look for all the others!

Q. What did you find to be the greatest challenge when creating your wallaby?

Although I've worked on a large scale before, I never have in this style. This was quite a departure from the norm, as usually my fairy illustrations are very small and detailed. It was great to get to grips with a familiar style in a different medium, learning as I went along, and I was very pleased to discover that it worked well. It was also very challenging to work on a shaped canvas, and to translate a 2D design into a 3D reality, I found I had to make some changes as I went along and use a little artistic licence!

Q. How do you hope the Wallaby project will be received on the island?

I really hope the public, both locals & visitors, really get behind it and give it lots of support. I look forward to following the hashtags & I hope to see tons of vibrant wallaby pictures popping up on my social media streams as people travel the Island searching and following the trail. I also hope that the trail raises even more awareness & funding for Hospice Isle of Man and the wonderful work they do.

Follow Eve Adams

Facebook: @balleycashtalbeg

Facebook: @paintandthimble

Instagram: @paint_and_thimble


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