Grainney Sheard

Grainney Sheard Photo by Steve Babb

Arts Engagement Officer 

Grainney was born and raised on the Isle of Man. Her first language was Manx and she has been involved with Manx music and dance since childhood. Grainney currently dances with Skeddan Jiarg and has performed at Celtic music and dance festivals for many years such as the Festival Lorient Interceltique and more recently Lowender Perran in Cornwall. Grainney studied History at the University of Edinburgh, a city which sparked her enthusiasm for performing arts as she regularly attended theatre shows and numerous events at the annual Fringe Festival. Since graduating in 2015, Grainney set up her own artisan business, 'Yarny Gráinne' selling quirky handmade crochet items providing art workshops for adults and children.

As the Arts Engagement Officer, Grainney's role is to increase participation with and awareness of the Arts through managing communications such as social media, the Arts Council website and monthly newsletters. Grainney also manages the Arts Council's quarterly Engagement Reports drawing upon statistics provided by funding recipients. Grainney provides arts engagement advice and guidance to those seeking ways to improve their engagement on social media. You can contact Grainney if you have a press release, an upcoming event or project that you'd like to be featured on our website and monthly newsletter. 

Contact Grainney on +441624697420 or

Joined the Arts Council 2017 

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