Isle of Man Arts Council Photo by Steve Babb

Established in 1965, the Isle of Man Arts Council was originally set up to support the preservation of the fine arts on the island. It has since increased its support to cover all aspects of the arts on the island from short film productions to poetry workshops.

The Arts Council has come under many different government departments in its history and currently resides in the Department of Education, Sport and Culture. It was warmly welcomed into the department in 2014 as a sponsored body so that they could assist each other with their joint goals of increasing the arts in education and supporting the health and well-being of children and young people.

The Arts Council is typically made up of 10 members who are chosen for their expertise and experience within the arts. Two of these are appointed by the department's Minister and Chief Officer as their representatives, with the remaining eight being appointed by an interview panel from a pool of applicants. These members of the Council shall serve until 30th September in the fourth year following the year in which that member was appointed. More information about Members of the Arts Council can be found here.

The Arts Council is supported by officers of the DESC who run the day to day business of the Arts Council, from assisting funding applicants with queries about applications to managing the finances of the Council. This work is led by the Arts Development Manager and supported by the Arts Business Administrator. More information about Arts Council Officers can be found here.

The Arts Council meets at least eight times a year to discuss and vote on any matters regarding Council business, ranging from individual applications for funding support to arts strategy for the Isle of Man. More information about funding meetings can be found via our funding pages.

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