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Katy Mitchell Ceramics Apply for Funding Photo by Mike Radcliffe

The Arts Council places high priority on the work it does in developing the arts within the community. We feel strongly that the development of the arts will help improve the quality of life for the local community and increase development of life skills for those participants.

If your project or event includes children taking part in a performance please ensure you are complying with DESC Regulations, and apply to become an approved body or for a children's performance licence if required. Read more here.

Information on Safeguarding can also be found here

To assist with the development of the arts, the Arts Council's main focus is to support and encourage everyone involved in the arts to develop and expand their activities by providing as much assistance as possible, whether it be advisory or financial.

How it Works

Application deadline - date application should be received. Applications received after 12 noon on this date will not be accepted.

Decision - A decision will be made against your application at the following Council meeting which is normally held two weeks after the application deadline date

Outcome of decision - A decision will be sent to you by e-mail only, the week following the meeting. It may take up to two weeks to receive a decision.

Arts Council Meeting Schedule for 2018 & 2019

Arts Council meeting schedule for 2018. Please note that these meetings no longer occur monthly.

Arts Council meeting schedule for 2019. Please note that these meetings no longer occur monthly.

Please Note applications for student bursaries are now closed for 2018

To apply for funding from the Arts Council please fill in the appropriate form from the document links below and return it to the address stated on the form. If you are struggling to decide which type of funding to apply for, please contact the office. Why not also take a look at our Advice and Guidance page for further information. Following completion of the activity being funded, an End of Project Monitoring Report must also be completed. This should be sent to the same address.

Please note that applications can not be submitted retrospectively. All applications must be submitted prior to the event/activity. 

Please make sure to read our Useful Notes for Applicants page before applying. 

What kind of funding should I apply for?

If your project will occur during or after April 2019 please apply using the 2019/2020 forms. All applications for projects occurring before this date should be submitted using the current 2018/2019 forms.

Grant Application

You should apply for this if:
• You are creating, producing and/or presenting work to the public.
• You need to purchase equipment to help you in your arts discipline.

Bursary Application

You should apply for this if:
• You need help to cover the costs of travel and accommodation to attend or participate in an event such as a festival or competition off Island.

Grant + Bursary Application Form 2018/2019

Grant +Bursary Application Form 2019/2020

Student Bursary

You should apply for this if: 
• You need help to cover the costs of higher or further education in the Arts on or off island.

Please Note applications for student bursaries are now closed for the 2018/2019 financial year.

Underwriting Application

Underwriting is a guarantee against loss for an event. You should apply for this if:
• You are putting on a ticketed event that is arts related.
• You are putting on a ticketed workshop that is arts related.

Underwriting Forms 2018/2019

Underwriting Forms 2019/2020

Project Evaluation Form

If you are a successful applicant then you must fill in an End of Project Monitoring form for Arts Council auditing purposes. You can complete this once your event, activity or product that you were awarded for is over. The forms help us to gauge participation and engagement in the arts on and off Island and the information provided is used in our Engagement Reports.

Project Evaluation Form 2018/2019

Project Evaluation Form 2019/2020

The Arts Council's logo should be used in all acknowledgements in publications where possible. When using the logo the Arts Council's brand guidelines must be adhered to at all times. You can find these on our Brand Guidelines and Logos page.

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